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 The Course:
 Springhill has a delightful 9 hole golf course, that offers golfers a challenging game of golf and at the same time many great views that overlook a peaceful, rural setting near Springhill. 
The course makes full use of its undulating, hillside layout. Seven of the nine holes either play up or down hill. The
3rd hole is a flat, 153 yard, par 3,  that is well guarded by a large pond in front of the green. Hole number seven plays downhill from a narrow shoot to a blind landing area, and then plays to a green that is in full view of the clubhouse. Hole number one is an up hill par 5, 472 yard, that plays to an elevated green. The greens are well manicured and watered. 
Springhill Centennial Golf course offers 2 par 3s, 2 par 5s and 5 par 4 holes, a large driving range, a putting green, as well as a
large clubhouse that was originally a farm house.


History :
The course location was purchased in 1967 and built on the original Herritt farm property.  John Munroe designed a course that was generally open, but took full advantage of the hillside to create an interesting and challenging layout with some great views of the countryside.


Local Rules :
R.C.G.A Rules Govern all Play

  1. White tee markers indicate front nine, blue tees back nine and red tees ladies.
  2. Blue stakes or limed areas indicate Ground Under Repair areas.
  3. All ditches are hazards unless marked with blue stakes.
  4. If a ball comes to rest near a sprinkler hear so that it interferes with swing or stance it may be dropped one club length to provide relief.
  5. White stakes indicate Out of Bounds as follows:
    • Behind No. 3 and 12
    • to the right of No. 4, 5, 13, 14; and
    • to the left of No. 8 and 17.
  6. Red stakes denote Lateral Water Hazards. Yellow stakes denote Water Hazards.
  7. An embedded ball "through the green" lying outside a hazard may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of where it originally lay.

Course Layout:



Score Card :










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